Rocks Off Toys - bad boy or rock chick
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Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe was arrested by police investigating alleged threats to kill two women following the disappearance of jewels and clothing worth £200,000 from his home.

Defoe's belongings went missing when two of his cousins invited the women to a party at his mansion in Hertfordshire in the player's absence and when the 30-year-old England player returned home to find his possessions missing, he allegedly told his cousins to get them back.

Later on, the women claimed they were threatened, although not by Defoe or his two cousins. An 18-year-old is facing trial later this year after being accused of threats to kill.

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Rocks Off Toys - bad boy or rock chick

Defoe was released without charge after being questioned by detectives. Tottenham Hotspur did not comment on the incident.

Defoe has previously won a compensation payout after being wrongly held in a police cell for five hours.

The footballer was pulled over while driving his £75,000 Land Rover at 2.40am in Loughton, Essex, on July 27, 2009, because officers believed he was serving a drive ban.

He was taken to Harlow police station where he was held for several hours despite telling officers the disqualification had been lifted pending appeal.

But the player was only released after 9.00am when court officials in Chelmsford confirmed he wasn't banned from driving.

Police agreed to a four-figure payout and apologised to Defoe last year after a three-year legal fight.

Essex Deputy Chief Constable Derek Benson confirmed an inputting error meant Defoe’s records were wrong.

His solicitor Nick Freeman said: "This was always about principle and never about money. The damages will be donated to charity.

"This was a needless error which should not have occurred, but once it did the police should have accepted our assurances in the early hours of the morning that they had got it wrong."

Days after the wrongful arrest, Defoe also accused Essex Police of harassment when he was stopped in a black Ferrari in Chigwell as part of an operation to tackle the theft of luxury motors.

Nick Freeman was quoted in Sportsmail.

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